Ecodor is the market leader in odour control and removal of unwanted substances. Through a very fine spray of biological odour control products, Ecodor eliminates the odour quickly and effectively Order now!


UF2000 is a powerful odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour urine smells. Order now!


Combats unpleasant odours in the home. This is an environmentally friendly air freshener, breaks the odour molecules down in a biological manner. Order now!


EcoFeet is a spray that removes unpleasant sweat odours. HappyFeet breaks down the sweat molecules in a natural way, making the smell disappear instead of masking it. Order now!


Find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, by using this handy `Urine detector light`. Order now!


EcoPet odor and stain remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells and stains on places where your pets visit frequently. Order now!

Fur Cleaner

Wonderclean furcleaner is based on harmless vegetable protein, through which unpleasant smells of the fur and dirt in the fur immediately disappear. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air refreshers`, EcoClinic removes the unpleasant odours instead of replacing them with perfumed air. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air fresheners`, EcoCar removes unwanted odours rather than masking them with perfumed air. Order now!


Once applied, EcoShield provides an effective protection against ongoing odour. Order now!


Fast neutralisation and therefor immediate results; Non-irritating and hypo-allergenic; non perfumed; safe for people, animals and the environment. Order now!

Here you will find an overview of the ‘air refreshing’ products for use in and around the house.

OdorShield, combats the smell of Organic Decay / Compost
EcoShield - 500ml
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EcoShield is a specially developed liquid that tackles the smell of vegetable and garden waste at the source of the odour.
When EcoShield is sprayed over the odour source of a smell, it offers dual protection against odour. Firstly, an insulating film covers and prevents the release of more odour, and secondly, the odour producing molecules are absorbed and degraded by the enzymes in the viscous liquid.

(Urine) vlekdetector
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Ecodor urine vlekdetector

U ruikt de urine, maar kan de exacte plaats van de urine (vlek) niet lokaliseren?
Ook hiervoor heeft Ecodor een oplossing!
Door middel van de urinevlek detector (vlekzoeker) zijn de voor het blote oog onzichtbare urinevlekken gemakkelijk op te sporen.

UF2000, tegen urinegeur
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UF2000 is een krachtige geurneutralisator die effectief de strijd aanbindt met urinegeur. Daar waar urine geur ongewenst is (bijvoorbeeld op verpleegtehuizen,  scholen, portieken van openbare gebouwen en parkeergarages) biedt UF2000 een milieuvriendelijke en doelmatige oplossing.


Download MSDS

Download MSDS

Material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available on this Web Site for most Ecodor products.

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